To provide better pricing and logistics

In January of 2017, we created Mercury Trade. Before that, we were involved with trade finance procurement and assisted our clients with trade structuring and commodity finances. Through hard work, careful planning and persistence, we’ve created alliances with financial and logistical partners in order to structure our own trading firm to best effect.

We’re constantly striving to find better prices, more reliable logistics and higher quality production. Our goal is to establish long-lasting business relationships with all our customers. Contact Mercury Trade to work with a company that aspires to being more than a middle man.

3 benefits of relying on us for commodity sourcing

We provide honest and reliable services to our clients. The benefits of working with us are numerous, to include:

  1. Transparency in making you aware of the entirety of trading and financing processes
  2. Knowledge of how to structure your deals to ensure success
  3. Security in knowing that transactions are backed up by sound banking institutions

Our goal is to become a partner in your transactions, to help absorb the risk and to make sure your transactions take place at the highest level. Call 915-875-1073 to learn more about the services we have to offer.

Let Apollo Finance Be Your International Trade Intermediary

We are the Experts in International Finance


Business is all about relationships, whether your partner is the customer next door or a supplier halfway around the world. Managing your business on the global stage requires innovation, financial flexibility, expert guidance and strategic support. At Apollo Finance, we forge an advisory relationship with you to help you protect and grow your business relationships. Our team will work with various banks, credit insurers and other agencies to executes all types of trade transactions, including all letters of credit, bank guarantees and documentary collections for our clients, giving your business everything it needs to manage risk and stimulate growth.