Our financial background helps us structure winning trades

Before becoming a commodity sourcing company, we operated as a trade finance procurement firm that assisted our clients in trade structuring and commodity financing. We learned that the commodity industry was lacking qualified individuals with the means to properly execute a trade transaction. That’s why we started Mercury Trade.

Our background in finance and experience structuring such deals informed us in ways to make the entire process work from beginning to end. Contact Mercury Trade when you want to deal with a reliable company in the commodity sourcing business.

We’re honest and up front in our business dealings

We pride ourselves on presenting a transparent approach to business that makes you aware of the entire process. We want to be honest and up front about all aspects of the trades taking place. You’ll find value in what we can provide, while benefitting from our:

  • Relationships with the top 50 worldwide banks
  • Partnerships with banks and financial departments
  • Availability of in-house finance for suppliers

Call 915-875-1073 today to learn more about Mercury Trade and what we can offer your business.