Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Contact an experienced commodities trader you can rely on

Mercury Trade is a minority-owned commodity sourcing company with the ability to purchase and ship goods for our clients. We don’t aspire to be a middle man in the global trade market. We’re looking for companies who need a partner in the field that is willing to absorb the risk for you and perform at the highest level when it comes to trading in:

Petroleum. Sugar. Wheat. Palm oil. Coffee beans

We source products from all over the Americas and Asia for use by U.S. companies and corporations.

Call 915-875-1073 today to learn more about how Mercury Trade can impact your bottom line.

Our partners keep your best interests in mind

We can draw on more than 15 years of combined experience in business development, international business, banking and finance to assist you with trade structuring and commodity finance. Our three partners work as sourcing agents who rely on continued market and trend analysis to find better prices, reliable logistics, higher-quality production and transparency in every transaction.

We concentrate on cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. Talk with the directors of Mercury Trade to learn more about what we can offer your business.

We serve as more than just a middle man for your business

Our goal is to put our logistics, warehousing and processing resources to work for you. We don’t want to limit ourselves to acting as a middle man in the global trade market. We want to be the solution for companies who need partners in the field that are willing to absorb the risk for you and perform at a high level of competency. We’ve forged an alliance with our financial and logistical partners to create our own trading firm. Discover the built-in advantage of dealing with Mercury Trade by contacting us today.